Meet the Cavell Star Award winners…

  • "Liam truly deserves recognition for the service he has developed and embraced within the organisation."

    Lead Advanced Clinical Practitioner Liam Duffy from Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

    Read Liam Duffy's story

  • "Vikki is certainly someone you would want to look after your relatives. Tom is a caring, compassionate individual who doesn’t hesitate to go above & beyond."

    Lead Nurses Vikki Howarth and Tom O'Connor from North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust

    Read Vikki Howarth and Tom O'Connor's story

  • "They are truly inspirational leaders who go above and beyond for their colleagues."

    Head of Safeguarding and Chief Nurse Jane Jones and Margaret Williams from Morecambe Bay CCG

    Read Jane Jones and Margaret Williams's story

  • "Debbie has a big heart and is full of compassion. She always puts others first."

    Nurse and Team Leader Debbie Handley from Riverside Neighbourhood Team

    Read Debbie Handley's story

  • "Traci always demonstrates her full commitment and passion in everything she does. Thank you Traci!"

    Public Health Nurse and Health Visitor Traci Jarvis from Braunstone Health and Social Care Centre

    Read Traci Jarvis's story

  • "They are passionate and creative in their work and always flexible, we are very lucky to have them!"

    Critical Care Nurses Tina Davies & Linda Williams from Leicester Royal Infirmary

    Read Tina Davies & Linda Williams's story

  • "Amanda has supported me throughout my journey from management student nurse to senior sister. She always goes over and above for her staff and patients."

    Matron for Surgery Amanda Budd from West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust

    Read Amanda Budd's story

  • "Eirini is approachable and hard working and has definitely got the skills of a great leader and is one of the most committed and caring nurses I have ever known."

    Ward Sister Eirini Toli from Watford General Hospital

    Read Eirini Toli's story

  • "Maggie always shows amazing leadership and empathy, allowing her colleagues to flourish and grow into competent and confident nurses."

    School nurse and Assistant Director Maggie Clarke from Compass

    Read Maggie Clarke's story

  • “I was really surprised! To know that people feel I am there for them and I get an award for it is pretty amazing."

    Director of Clinical Services Sharon Sallens from Ayr Gatehouse & Lochlea House for The Priory Group

    Read Sharon Sallens's story

  • "Nursing is a profession full of caring and exceptional individuals, so to be singled out for this recognition is really very special and means a great deal."

    Nurse and lecturer Susan Carlisle from Queen's University Belfast

    Read Susan Carlisle's story

  • "Iuliana has been an outstanding member of the team, she is absolutely caring and compassionate for all our patients."

    Healthcare Support Worker Iuliana Neacsu from West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust

    Read Iuliana Neacsu's story

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