The Embassy of Belgium in the UK proudly sponsors the Cavell Star Awards

As the official representation of Belgium in the United Kingdom we primarily aim at reinforcing bilateral relations between both countries. We represent Belgian interests in the areas of political, economic, historical, legal, scientific and cultural affairs and provide up-to-date information on the host country to our head office, the Foreign Ministry in Brussels. The consular section of the embassy offers a range of services to Belgian citizens in the UK and to foreign nationals wishing to travel to or settle in our country.

The Embassy’s involvement in the Edith Cavell Commemorations

Throughout 2014 – 2018, the embassy has been regularly involved in events and commemorations marking the centenary of the Great War. Within this context, the British nurse Edith Cavell has been one of the central figures. Edith Cavell was a founding figure of the nursing profession in Belgium. With the support of Belgium’s Queen Elisabeth she introduced modern nursing practice into our country and a leading hospital in Brussels still now bears her name.

During WW1, she secretly gave assistance to Allied soldiers caught behind the lines and assisted some 200 Allied servicemen regaining their freedom. She was found out by the foreign army that occupied much of Belgium and executed in Brussels on 12 October 1915.

To raise the profile and funds of Cavell Nurses’ Trust, set up in memory of Edith Cavell and to support nurses and midwives in need, the Belgian Ambassador decided in 2014 to organise a fundraising dinner at his residence which was attended by HRH the Princess Royal in her capacity of President of the Centenary Appeal of Cavell Nurses’ Trust. In recognition of Ms Cavell’s commendable contribution to nursing in Belgium, it was also decided that during the centenary period, the Belgian Embassy would sponsor the yearly Outstanding Academic Achievement Award allocated by Cavell Nurses’ Trust. For 2018, the awards programme has evolved and the Embassy is no less pleased to contribute to the Cavell Star Awards.

"Edith Cavell was a diligent advocate of nurse education and a founding figure of the profession in Belgium. She stood by her host country in the dark days of World War I and paid for it with her life. The Belgian embassy sees no better way to honour her memory and to support her legacy than by sponsoring the Cavell Star Awards during the centenary period of WW1."

Ambassador Huygelen

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