The British Journal of Nursing proudly sponsors the Cavell Star Awards

British Journal of Nursing was launched in 1992 to bring nursing practice, education and management together in one comprehensive resource. Since then, it has published up-to-date clinical information and its practical application - providing nurses with a trusted evidence base for specialist practice, and an academic platform for professional development.

“Cavell Nurses’ Trust makes meaningful responses to those nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants who are in need. The charity offers a listening ear and useful assistance to everybody who asks for help.

The British Journal of Nursing, the only fortnightly journal for clinical nurses, is proud to sponsor the Cavell Star Awards. These awards are important as they celebrate and recognise the exceptional contribution that midwives and nurses make to their patients and their colleagues. Recognising, acknowledging and celebrating the positive impact that nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants can have on communities locally, nationally and globally can never be underestimated and the Cavell Star Awards are a worthy cause to support as they applaud the work that nursing professionals take on day in and day out.”

Professor Ian Peate OBE FRCN - Editor-in-Chief, British Journal of Nursing

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