Rachel's story

As an apprentice Healthcare Assistant, Rachel’s nursing career is just a few months old but that hasn’t stopped her colleagues nominating her for a Cavell Star Award.

Rachel is nineteen years old and recently completed her A levels and has taken the decision to start on her path to becoming a nurse by taking an apprentice Healthcare Assistant role.

“The apprentice role is for a year” says Rachel “and I applied for that knowing I had a job at the end of the training. Ultimately, I want to do the Nursing Degree Apprenticeship which allows me to train to become a graduate registered nurse while I’m working.”

Rachel’s family have been very supportive of her decision to go into nursing and she is already thinking about her dream role,

“From a young age I’ve always wanted to be a midwife so I’d like to end up doing that once I’ve completed my nursing training. It would be a dream come true, really fantastic.”

Rachel’s colleagues nominated her for a Cavell Star Award for going above and beyond for her patients. Ward Manager Emma Gray explains,

“Rachel is a breath of fresh air in a high pressurised busy environment. From the moment she started on the ward she has done nothing but smile. She is a joy to work with, the care and compassion she shows to her patients is second to none. It is extremely rare to find such a young person starting their career with such drive and passion.”

Rachel reacted to winning her Cavell Star Award,

“It was absolutely fabulous, I started crying! It’s something I’ll definitely mention at future University and job interviews. My team are amazing, they work so well together and are so organised and I‘ve just walked into that team and they have been so welcoming. It’s really nice to be part of the team. I actually have a ‘work Mam’, she’s not my real Mam but I call her Mam!”

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