Rebecca's story

Ever since she was a girl, Rebecca had always wanted to be a nurse but it was her grandad who inspired her to start her training.

“My grandad was a paramedic and a Chief Ambulance Officer, his whole life was dedicated to the ambulance service” remembers Rebecca, “I used to love hearing all his stories from his time on the ambulances and it fascinated me.”

Rebecca qualified as a nurse in 2011 and has worked most of her career so far on a Gastroenterology ward. She has left nursing to have two children but has always found herself back on the ward looking after patients recovering from illnesses like alcoholism.

“I have to deal with somewhat challenging behaviour at times on the ward. Patients are often confused and delirious when they’re de-toxing from substance abuse.”

Rebecca’s certainly not one to shy away from difficult situations as demonstrated on one tragic night a year ago. A 17 year old girl was involved in a road traffic accident and died on her way to the hospital where Rebecca worked. News came through that the girl was in fact the daughter of a nursing colleague and friend of Rebecca’s.

Despite this awful situation, Rebecca and the ward staff all supported their colleague through a very difficult time.

Rebecca was nominated by her colleagues for a Cavell Star Award for going above and beyond for her patients. Colleague and Staff Nurse Jan Sillett explains,

“Rebecca is not afraid of challenging situations. Recently, I was very unwell and collapsed on the ward. Rebecca promptly took charge and cared for me under very difficult circumstances, cannulating me and getting fluids in quickly and getting the team down to care for me. She always copes outstandingly well, no matter how dire the circumstances.”

Rebecca reacted to winning her Cavell Star Award,

“It was amazing! I’m not one for wanting recognition, I just get on with my job giving the best care I can. I have been nominated for awards before but never actually won. It feels amazing to be recognised for a job I’m so passionate about.

“My nursing team are my family. I’ve known some of my colleagues all my nursing career and I’ve grown up with them. They have tucked me under their wing and grown me into the nurse I am today.

“When I received the award, I had just come off a horrible nightshift and it was a welcome boost! I went from thinking “do I really want to do this job?” to thinking ‘Actually I am good at my job, I am recognised for what I do and tomorrow is another day’. It most certainly gave me the boost I needed!”

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