Khoboso's story

Before choosing nursing, Khoboso worked in the hotel and finance industries. Growing up in Kenya was tough but she got the chance to go to school thanks to sponsorship from the age of seven until she finished her education. Khoboso never met the woman who sponsored her, all she know is that the woman was at university in the UK and worked part time in McDonalds to pay for the sponsorship.

“So this inspired me to sponsor a child too” says Khoboso “when my husband and I visited Kenya we decided to sponsor a boy through his education. He is now grown up and is a qualified accountant!”

Khoboso and her husband set up a small charity supporting poor Kenyan children and vulnerable adults and it got her thinking about how she could do more to help people in her everyday life in the UK. So she decided to change career and trained to be a nurse.

“I qualified in 2016 and I just love the job! Seeing someone coming into hospital and not being able to get out of bed, then supporting them and giving the care that is needed and seeing that person able to walk, I think wow, I am making such a difference!

“I feel like I am doing the right thing now, giving so much back to society. I have been given such an opportunity and I need to give something back.”

Khoboso was nominated for a Cavell Star Award for going above and beyond for her patients. Liz Fenton’s elderly mother-in-law was a patient on Khoboso’s ward and she witnessed the professionalism and dedication Khoboso showed towards her relative,

“My mum-in-law looked forward to her coming on duty” remembers Liz “Khoboso would always say hello, let her know when she was ending her shift and when mum-in-law would see her next.”

Liz visited her mother-in-law regularly on the ward but what Khoboso didn’t know then is that Liz is also a nurse. Actually Liz is the Deputy Chief Nurse at Health Education England (HEE), the organisation responsible for developing the health workforce across England. Liz was impressed,

“As a nurse I felt it a privilege to observe Khoboso in action. She was kind, calm, compassionate and managed to encourage with just the right level of push and good humour. Probably the best example of holistic care I have observed, truly person-focused. She taught and encouraged others, including students, to look at the whole person.”

Khoboso reacted to receiving her award,

“I was shocked! I didn’t know Liz was an influential nurse leader at HEE but that tells me that you never know who people are when they come into hospital, so it’s important you treat them the same and give them and their relatives the very best care you can.

“Winning a Cavell Star Award means the world to me. It makes me more proud of the nursing care I’m giving every day. I’d also like to thank my colleagues on the Woodmancote ward, especially my former manager Sister Julie who has supported me since I started my nursing role.”

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