Jacci's story

Jacci enjoyed her 30 year career as a civil servant working in the pensions sector but craved something different.

“I woke up one morning,” remembers Jacci “and decided I wanted to do something that I could look back on and feel really proud of. I enjoyed working in the civil service but I felt there was much more that I could give to people.”

In her early 20s, Jacci had volunteered as a medic in the Territorial Army and her sister had been a nurse so she decided a career in nursing was for her.

Jacci worked part time whilst she did her training and qualified as a nurse in 2002. She worked on an orthopaedic surgical ward for 10 years before finding her current role as a home care nurse. Jacci works for LloydsPharmacy Clinical Homecare (LPCH) and looks after patients in their own homes, providing a wide range of nutrition and medication to them intravenously. Since starting her nursing career, she’s in no doubt that she made the right decision,

“Nursing is the most rewarding career in the world! I get up in the morning and look forward to going to work.”

Jacci was nominated for a Cavell Star Award by her nursing team for going above and beyond for her patients. LPCH Regional Operations Manager and colleague Fiona Masud explains,

“Every day, Jacci goes above and beyond to ensure her patients receive the best possible care. She’s a wonderful mentor for new nurses and spends a great deal of time ensuring nurses and patients are comfortable with change. Jacci is a great role model for her colleagues and advocate for her patients.”

Jacci reacted to receiving her Cavell Star Award,

“Being recognised for doing a job well is a huge motivator. The job itself motivates me but it’s the icing on the cake to be recognised by your nursing team in this way.

“We all work alone out on the road every day, so my team are great at supporting each other. We all know that we can pick up the phone and ask for practical or emotional support day or night. We rely on each other and are always there for one another.”

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