Heidi's story

Despite not knowing any midwives whilst growing up, from the age of ten Heidi knew she that she wanted to be one when she was older.

Her early career saw her working as a community midwife, a Children’s Centre Outreach Midwife,  a Teenage Pregnancy Specialist Midwife, and a Teenage Pregnancy Coordinator for the East of England.

It’s twenty years since Heidi qualified and her current role is as a Smoking in Pregnancy Midwife, supporting expectant mothers throughout their pregnancies and after their births to stop smoking through a quit programme.

“I’ve always liked working with vulnerable families and I love that I work really closely with pregnant women at a really vulnerable time of their lives. I feel privileged that I can support and educate them through their pregnancy and birth process.”

Heidi was nominated for a Cavell Star Award for going above and beyond for her patients as her colleague and Professional Midwifery Advocate Jillian Ireland explains,

“Quit rates for pregnant smokers at the hospital have increased dramatically since Heidi took up her post. She is very committed to helping women who face the difficult task of tackling a strong smoking addiction at a very stressful time in their lives.

“I am bowled over by her compassion for those women who are often the least privileged and who are used to being regarded as the least able and motivated to make healthy changes.”

Heidi reacted to winning her Cavell Star Award,

“It was really amazing, I was blown away with the whole thing! I was in a meeting and giving a presentation to managers and at the end of the meeting they sprung the award on me, so I was really shocked! It’s nice to be recognised that I am giving a good service to the women we look after.”

“I was touched that my midwifery team nominated me for the award, they are really important to me. We’re like a big family.”

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