Celebrating GHFT winners

Aisling, Cecilia and Terri are all Cavell Star Award winners from Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Aisling O'Hora, Ward Manager

Aisling was nominated by 3 of her team mates for going above and beyond for her colleagues,

"Aisling is one of the most inspirational nurses and people I have ever met. She is dedicated, approachable and compassionate to her colleagues and the patients she cares for." Kimberley Legge, Staff Nurse.

"She always has a smile on her face and always time to listen to staff. She really is the rock of the team, and we appreciate her support always." Ashleigh Lawn, Staff Nurse.

"I can genuinely say she has been the best manager I have ever worked under. She always goes out of her way to help patients and colleagues and nothing is ever too much trouble." Chloe McDermott, Staff Nurse.

Cecilia Abengoza, Staff Nurse/ Practice Development Nurse

Ward Sister and colleague Emma Russell nominated Cecilia for going above and beyond for her colleagues,

"Her positive attitude, motivation and tremendous drive has been just the tonic, when many staff are feeling burned out with the pandemic. Whilst I tell Cecilia often that her hard work is appreciated, I feel she deserves a special mention, for pushing herself."

Terri Attwooll, Staff Nurse

Terri was nominated by her colleague and Staff Nurse Steph Byrne for going above and beyond for her colleagues,

"Terri is such a valued member of our team and I feel we would be lost without her now. She always comes into work with a smile on her face, always asks the night shift how their shift is been and if they are okay. She checks with all members of staff, how they are and if they are okay. She always recognises when people are under pressure and stressed and will always offer help!"

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