Deborah's story

For more than two decades, Deborah has worked with people with learning disabilities. After qualifying as a nurse in 1993, she worked with people in their own homes before moving to community nursing.

“I was inspired to become a nurse after growing up with my auntie who has a learning disability,” remembers Deborah. “As a family we spent a lot of time with her and that pushed me to think that I could have a career helping people with learning disabilities.”

Deborah specialised and is now an Advanced Nurse Practitioner for learning disabilities, overseeing clinical issues relating to children and adults who often have challenging behaviour and mental health problems.

She was nominated by her colleagues for a Cavell Star Award for going above and beyond for her patients, as Strategic Health Facilitation Lead and team mate Lynne Taylor explains,

“Deborah is one of the most dedicated nurses I have had the privilege to work alongside. She has time for all her patients and their families and a commitment that any organisation would be proud of. If our student nurses follow in Deborah’s footsteps, we as an NHS Trust will continue to provide the best service. Deborah you really are a fab person to work alongside and I know that your patients think you are FABULOUS too!”

Deborah reacted to winning her Cavell Star Award,

“It was absolutely lovely, I was very surprised! My nursing team are such a great bunch of dedicated, skilled and hardworking nurses. Working with people with learning disabilities can often be challenging as sometimes quite distressing things have happened to them, so to have such supportive colleagues around is vital. You come to work and do your job and don’t think about it but when you get an award like this you realise that people do value what you do. Sometimes, we are all a bit too British and we’re not very good at giving each other praise!

“It’s lovely that nurses are being recognised by their colleagues and that Cavell Nurses’ Trust has this unique way for nursing professionals to celebrate their team mates. I really appreciate it!”

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