Chantelle Smith

Watch Public Health Nurse Chantelle Smith win her Cavell Star Award for going above and beyond for her colleagues...


Chantelle's colleague Jess Hames describes why she nominated Chantelle,

"Chantelle qualified as a Health Visitor in 2016, having previously worked as a mental health nurse. Since then she has been a shining star within the office, brightening up our day, each and every day. She has a smile on her face for every colleague and is always willing to help and lend a supportive ear.

"She works in an extremely busy and stressful caseload, in a deprived and challenging area of the county. This does not stop her from supporting her colleagues.

Chantelle has supported me and the rest of the team through many a difficult situation at work, she is a great listener, compassionate, and very diligent, despite being one of the newest members of the team.

"Her beaming smile, genuine nature and sincerity make her more than worthy of this Cavell Star Award."

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