Carla's story

Carla always wanted to be a midwife and remembers being around babies as she grew up.

“I’m an only child but my mother fostered children throughout my childhood, so we would have babies staying with us from time to time. The more I learned about the vulnerable families that these children belonged to, the more I thought about what a challenge and honour it would be to help vulnerable families cope with a new child.”

But not everyone was as positive about Carla’s career choice. Her science teacher at school was less impressed,

“I remember being 14 and having a stand-up argument with him when he asked “Why do you only want to be a midwife? Why not a doctor?” I was absolutely furious!

“But if anything, it spurred me on even more to find out about midwifery and realise my dream.”

Carla qualified as a midwife in 2006 and her current role is as a Specialist Safeguarding Midwife, supporting families and staff when there are concerns around the safety of new born babies.

“I love knowing that as a team we have made a positive difference to someone’s life. A lot of the time pregnancies are planned and exciting, the best time of people’s lives. But sometimes they can be the opposite. Knowing that we have supported people at this time, whether it’s a positive or negative experience, is the most important thing to me.”

Carla was nominated to win a Cavell Star Award by her colleagues for going above and beyond for her patients as team mate and midwife Jane Heath explains,

“Dealing with safeguarding issues, all day, every day can be very emotionally draining but Carla always has a smile on her face and is the first person to volunteer to help anyone in need.

“She puts the needs of the women and babies firmly at the centre of everything that she does. I am honoured to have her as a colleague and friend.”

Winning her award put a smile on Carla’s face,

“I was really overwhelmed, it was so unexpected! The team I work in are so supportive in both practical and emotional ways. Mine isn’t your standard midwifery job and I do come into contact with very vulnerable families in difficult situations. We all work in the NHS and we do have really bad days, so the emotional support that we give each other is vital.

“Also, I definitely wouldn’t have been receiving the award if it wasn’t for Jane Heath. She has nurtured what I’ve been trying to do and supported me above and beyond. It feels like a real honour to have been recognised by my team.”

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