Ann-Marie's story

Ever since she was four years old, Ann-Marie wanted to be a nurse. However her parents and teachers weren’t keen on her chosen career path and told her that nursing would be “a waste of a good education.”

Undaunted by this, Ann-Marie started her nurse training in 1978 and now has many years’ experience working in various roles such as staff nurse, Sister in an intensive care unit, a clinical teacher and her current role as a Senior Lecturer in Adult & Critical Care, Hepatology and Liver Transplant Nursing at Birmingham City University (BCU).

“As well as a passion for nursing,” says Ann-Marie “I love teaching too. I feel we are all duty-bound to pass on our skills to the next generation of nurses. And I have a vested interest as I may well be a patient one day and require the best care possible from a nurse.”

As well as working all week teaching student nurses, Ann-Marie also does a weekend nursing shift in an intensive care unit, keeping her nursing skills up to date.

“I want to make sure I stay in touch with hands-on nursing. And I love caring for patients, that’s what I trained to do. I want to use my skills rather than just teach them to others.

“I love the variety that nursing brings. I like helping other people, making a difference and I enjoy problem solving and preventing more problems from happening. When I work in intensive care, I know it’s important for family members of very ill people to understand what is being done and why. Very often, if I’m with family members on a 12 hour shift they will say that they never thought they would enjoy being in intensive care, but that I’ve made it a positive experience for them. We get a lot of thanks which is wonderful.”

Ann-Marie was nominated for a Cavell Star Award for going above and beyond for her students. Claire Carmichael, a student nurse at BCU explains,

“Nothing is ever too much for Ann-Marie, she is always there for us students 24/7 all year around. She’s an incredible human being and really deserves the world given to her for all that she does.”

Katie Dixon, fellow student nurse agrees,

“She is one of the most inspirational, altruistic women I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, training with and being taught by. Working solidly 6 days a week as a senior nurse lecturer and on the bank as a Staff Nurse at the weekend, the very little free time she does have is spent fundraising for charity. She is truly inspirational!”

In her spare time, Ann-Marie raises money for many charities including Cavell Nurses’ Trust, recently battling Storm Callum on a trek up Snowdon with some of her nursing students to support nursing colleagues suffering hardship.

Watch Ann-Marie winning her Cavell Star Award.

Ann-Marie reacted to winning her Cavell Star Award,

“It was a complete shock! The students gate-crashed a meeting I was in with other tutors and presented me with the Cavell Star Award. It was really special to be recognised by my students, it means a lot to me, I’m very honoured to win!”

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