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At the age of 11, Angela remembers her Nan struggling to get in and out of the bath so she recalls helping to bath her Nan and look after her when she went to stay. Caring for others quickly became something she was good at and when she was 17, Angela started working in elderly care. For a few years she enjoyed it, but was keen to explore other areas.

“Inevitably, when working with elderly people you see a lot of death,” remembers Angela “and being so young I thought I should look at moving to a new discipline. I wanted to enhance and enrich people’s lives so I chose Learning Disability care.”

Angela worked with people with learning disabilities in care roles for 8 years, but she was keen to further her career. So when she was 30 she started her nursing training, specialising in Learning Disability.

“After qualifying I worked for an NHS Trust in learning disability, in the private sector for mental health rehabilitation and then in a learning disability operations role in the community, these roles spanned for a decade or so. I noticed more and more that care was based on money rather than the patients’ needs. I became disheartened and couldn’t see a way of making a difference. I felt passionately about providing the best outcomes possible for people living with learning disabilities, so I decided to do something about it!”

In 2011 Angela set up Happy Futures, a domiciliary care company designed to look after people with learning disabilities, mental health and complex care needs in the Scarborough area. Eight years on and Angela supports 50 people in their own homes and also runs a specialist respite care unit.

“I love being in the position to make important decisions that improve the quality of people’s lives, from deciding to throw an afternoon tea party for a group, to creating a sensory room for someone struggling to relax and sleep at night.”

Angela was nominated for a Cavell Star Award for going above and beyond for the individuals she supports. Former colleague and Strategic Health Facilitation Lead Lynne Taylor explains,

“Angela is first and foremost a proud Learning Disability Nurse and I had the privilege to witness some really outstanding joint working with her and one of my community nurses, involving a very complex case. Angela offered emergency accommodation at very short notice to ensure the safety of the individual. She didn’t wait until funding had been negotiated, she just did what she said was "the right thing to do.” This is Learning Disability nursing at its very best.”

Winning her Cavell Star Award made Angela’s day,

“It’s absolutely amazing, it was such a lovely honour. I always enjoy doing everything for everyone else and never expect anything back, I just love what I do. To win a Cavell Star Award was so emotional.

“My team mean everything to me, they are absolutely fantastic. I can only do what I do because of those people at my side. I’m passionate about all of my team getting the opportunities to progress and develop to become the best they can be, which ultimately benefits the people we are here to help.”

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