Andrea's story

Ward Sister Andrea Fernyhough has won a Cavell Star Award for going above and beyond for her patients.

The oncology nurse works on the Chemotherapy Day Unit at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham and is team lead for the PICC Line service (Peripherally inserted central catheter).

Colleague Saras Padachie paid tribute to Andrea,

"When I work in the clinical area, patients will tell me how their lives have been "made easier" or its a life saver by having a PICC line in by Andrea and her team. When patients needs a PICC line in urgently, Andrea will ensure that this is done timely even if the bookings for the day is full. An extra slot is created and a team member made available to assist to ensure that the emergency is managed.

She is kind and compassionate and this reflects in her work and in the team. Andrea leads the PICC line service and runs the chemotherapy unit with the support of her chemotherapy nurse team. She faces her challenges calmly and with respect, making time to review patients or assist the nurses in charge and her team when the unit is busy. She is a good leader and a nurse who makes us proud."

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